About Pei Hwa Minecraft

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How it all started

On 7th of May 2021, our Founder (Cogan Ng) was scrolling through social media when he saw that there was another tertiary institution who had built their institute into Minecraft.

Cogan thought that it looked pretty cool and almost immediately started planning it for his school, Pei Hwa Secondary School.

A few months later, we were given the green light by a teacher to start the project and begin its publicity. A publicity video was played to various classes and the project started from there.

How it is today

The Pei Hwa Minecraft project has been used for publicity purposes. We have also created music videos featuring Pei Hwa Minecraft during school celebrations to add to the festivities.

We are looking to build other structures around the virtual school, such as (virtually) building Seletar Mall and Fernvale Community Club.

Teamwork Makes The Dream Work

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