Pei Hwa Minecraft

A Student-Initiated Minecraft Server for Pei Hwa Minecraft.


Together with the team, we have completed a virtual Pei Hwa Secondary School.


We are continuing to explore how we can use a technology that we love to connect people and contribute to our school community.


Through building in Minecraft (e.g Pei Hwa Secondary School), members learn how to design and build structures architecturally based on their creativity.

View our NDP 1998 Minecraft - Home Music Video here!

Work in Progress!

View our NDP 2023 Minecraft - Shine Your Light Music Video here!

View our NDP 2022 Minecraft - Stronger Together Music Video here!

View our NDP 2021 Minecraft - The Road Ahead Music Video here!

View our Minecraft Music Video of Cogan Ng - Love Canopy here!

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